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Benefits Of Citizenship


There are many benefits of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment, and we have identified the key benefits below. For a full breakdown of benefits please contact us.

1. Visa free travel to 114 countries including EU Schengen countries, Hong Kong and UK;
2. Equality of citizenship with natural born citizens including right to vote and ability to pass on citizenship to family;
3. Hassle-free process. No residency requirement, no need to travel to St. Lucia during application process and quick processing within 3 months;
4. St. Lucia recognizes dual citizenship;
5. No country restrictions;
6. Unique Government Bond investment option not available with any other Caribbean programme, which must be held for 5 years and is non-interest bearing but refundable after 5 years;
7. Stable political and economic democracy based on the British parliamentary style of government
8. Favourable tax environment with no capital gains tax, relatively low income and corporate tax, no taxation on worldwide income, (once resident for less than 183 days), no estate or inheritance tax;
9. Favourable international financial services sector;
10. Good airlift into and out of St. Lucia to most Cities around the globe and many non-stop flights to and from UK, US, Europe and Canada;

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