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Developing An Approved Real Estate Project


Everything you need to know for planning a St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Real Estate Development.

The Real Estate Development MUST be a:
• High-end branded hotel or resort
• High-end boutique property

For the purposes of the CIP, a high end branded hotel or resort is defined as a hotel or resort which has:
• A minimum of 70+ rooms;
• A 4 or 5 star rating ;
• A recognized brand name with a significant international distribution network;
AND which provides:
• Sophisticated, upmarket amenities and luxury accommodations
• 4 or 5 star service quality standards as defined by established international hospitality criteria.
For the purposes of the CIP, a high-end boutique property is defined as one which is:
• Small and intimate with 20 – 70 rooms.
• Characterized by hands-on, personal service with a high staff to guest ratio.
• Located in a unique setting.
• Upscale with sophisticated accommodation standards.
• Constructed and furnished in a themed, intimate style.
• Committed to maximizing local content.

Contact us at info@century.capital for more details or for assistance with your application to register a St Lucia Citizenship by Investment real estate development.

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